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Howdy! I'm Luis Velasquez, a 5X Bizz Award-winning, bilingual (Spanish—English) Advertising, Marketing, and Branding specialist and C.C.O. With an impressive 25+ years of industry expertise, I have worked with Fortune 500 Companies, American Companies, and Strategic-Thinking Leaders across all industries, serving Enterprises, Non-Profits, Start-Ups, and everything in between.


As an artist, I assume the roles of Creative Director, Business and Branding Consultant, and Art Director. With a rich background as a Publicist, Filmmaker, and Graphic Designer, I bring a unique blend of strategic communication and visual finesse.


I specialize in crafting and executing successful multimedia strategic plans that elevate the visibility of businesses, products, or services. My knack for seamlessly blending innovation with impact has led to the success of numerous ventures, establishing him as a go-to expert in the field.

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