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  • Luis Velasquez

10 tips to make a memorable video interview

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Creating a memorable video interview involves careful planning, effective communication, and a focus on engaging storytelling. Here are ten tips to make a memorable video interview, a video interview that leaves a lasting impact:

Prepare the Interviewee: Brief the interviewee about the interview's purpose and the topics to be covered. Make them feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera so they can deliver their answers smoothly.

2. Craft Thoughtful Questions: Develop a list of insightful and open-ended questions encouraging interviewees to share their experiences, emotions, and unique insights. Avoid yes/no questions, as they limit the depth of the responses.

Choose the Right Location: Select a suitable location that complements the interviewee's story and adds visual interest. A relevant backdrop can enhance the video's impact and context.

Use High-Quality Equipment: Ensure you have professional-grade audio and video equipment to capture clear and crisp footage. Good lighting is also essential for creating a visually appealing interview.

Establish a Connection: Build rapport with the interviewee before starting the interview. Make them feel at ease and establish a connection to create a genuine and authentic interview.

Encourage Emotional Responses: Guide the interviewee to share personal stories or anecdotes that evoke emotions. Emotional content resonates deeply with viewers and makes the interview more memorable.

Be a Good Listener: Pay close attention to the interviewee's responses and react naturally. Active listening can lead to follow-up questions that delve deeper into meaningful topics.

Incorporate B-Roll Footage: Intersperse the interview with relevant B-roll footage to add visual interest and context to the narrative. B-roll can include footage of the interviewee in action or scenes related to their story.

Edit with Care: Edit the interview precisely, removing unnecessary pauses or distractions. Maintain a natural flow and ensure the most impactful moments are highlighted.

Add Music and Graphics: Use background music that complements the interview's tone and enhances the emotional impact. Additionally, add graphics or text to emphasize key points and provide context.

Bonus Tip: Keep it Concise - While in-depth interviews can be powerful, remember that attention spans are often limited. Aim to create a concise, focused interview that delivers the most significant messages efficiently.

By following these tips, you can produce a video interview that captivates viewers, resonates emotionally, and leaves a lasting impression.

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